Fix your perm protocol by choosing PerFix-nc for fast, reliable, high quality results

  • High Fix No-wash PerFix-nc procedure on whole blood and bone marrow samples. Staining with CD45-Krome Orange, MPO-FITC and CD3-ECD/CD79a-PE.

What would it mean for your lab's workflow and cost efficiency if you could simplify your intracellular stainings, avoid extensive repeat experiments, and increase your throughput?

PerFix-nc from Beckman Coulter enables simultaneous staining in a single step of both surface and intracellular antigens- in 45 minutes total time, with just 15 minutes of hands-on time. Its advanced, innovative intracellular staining chemistry delivers excellent reproducibility for results you can trust.
No centrifugation step and no negative impact on most surface antigens. More time and cost savings for you.

This reagent complies with the IVD and CE classifications. CE-marked products are sold in European Union countries
IVD products are sold in countries where they comply with applicable regulation.

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