Vollautomatischer IFA Prozessor

HELIOS® - the first fully automated IFA processor
Introducing a new era in IFA (immunofluorescence assay) routine, AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS presents the first fully automated IFA processor - featuring an integrated optical system for automatic IFA slide reading.
HELIOS® is a high throughput IFA processor, capable of reading IFA slides (AESKUSLIDES®) to perform a positive/negative sample discrimination - saving up to 90% of the time by focusing on the positive samples only.
Barcode scanning of samples and slides as well as LIS compatibility allow full traceability of patient data and results, which can remotely be validated by the lab manager.
With a compact footprint, the system virtually fits any laboratory counter and eliminates the need for a dark room. HELIOS® delivers significant time gains while reducing process time and releasing labor capacities.


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